I believe as a make up artist. You use make up from any company that offers the best of their best. I use Bobbie Brown for skin care, especially for eye correctors and concealers because they look so light and feel so weightless. MAC, Smashbox, Inglot, and Dinair airbrush are just to name a few.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to me is the flawless perfection of your skin. Having the right primer for your skin type can make your skin look more flawless. Lips, eyes and blush couldn't look better on a cleaner palette.

There is a Day Look which that looks good on anyone that involves natural colors to bring out your natural beauty. You CAN wear it ALL and not feel like you have a mask on or are over done.

Then there is the Evening Look, which all woman should get comfortable with as well as there will always come a day you will need to get decked out for a special occasion. That doesn't mean more make up. It could just involve a smokey eye with a neutral lip or a lighter eye with a darker lip color. If your the bold type, you can have both!


Bridal Makeup - Bride: In Salon: On Location:
Traditional Trial (cluster lashes included): $65 $65
Airbrush Trial: $75 $75
Tradional Makeup on Wedding Day (cluster lashes not included): $80 $105
Airbrush Makeup on Wedding Day (cluster lashes not included): $100 $120
Clusters: $15 $15
Bridal Makeup - Bridesmaids: In Salon: On Location:
Trial: $65 $65
Airbrush: $75 $75
Tradional Makeup: $70 $75
Airbrush Makeup: $90 $95
Clusters: $15 $15

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