Originally from Connecticut, Julia Trigila moved to Houston TX in early 2005 to start working with Novalash Inc. It was there where she learned about the new art and technique of Eyelash Extensions. Soon after working for the company, the demand for the lash extensions was overwhelming. She had no choice but to jump in and start doing lashes. In no time, she realized she had the talent and clientele to become a full time lash extensionist. A few years later, she moved to Scottsdale, AZ. Within a week of living there, women were knocking down her door. She quickly became one of the first and most talented lash extensionists in the Phoenix area. She has specialized in the extensions ever since.

As an artistic person, make up has always been a passion of Julia's, however, being overwhelmed with lash extensions, she did not have much time, to pursue make up, but she did free lance when ever called upon. She worked on many photo shoots, fashion shows, celebrity lounges, weddings and worked on the set of the movie Middlemen, starring Luke Wilson and Giovanni Ribisi.

Working in a Major west coast city, Julia's clientele were up to date on the newest and latest beauty treatments, which kept her very informed and interested as to what was coming up next.

The more she worked in the beauty industry the more curious she became. Julia wanted to do it all. She attended school at the South Western Institute of Natural Aesthetics in Tempe AZ. She took a special interest in skin care as she started seeing so many woman getting injections and laser treatments to repair the damage from years of sun exposure from lack of skin care and prevention. She wanted to find out how to prevent damage more than repairing. Although, both are important.

Immediate results are what Julia loves the most. She loved the before and after results of eyelash extensions, makeup, bridal party photos, tan bodies, and hairless bodies. Another love of mine, shaping eyebrows. It changes the shape of your face to give you symmetry and draws more attention to your eyes.

A total Make Over, I couldn't ask for anything more. Especially with my team. We will have your skin, eyes and hair making you like a new woman. Your bridal party will love us!!!!!

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